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Refurbished IT is the sustainable choice.

There are many unsustainable practices happening in the IT sector...

Critical Raw Materials

IT hardware is manufactured with unsustainable Critical Raw Materials that are becoming increasingly scarce in supply. 85% of the entire carbon footprint of a laptop is produced in the manufacturing process.

Improper disposal 

Disposing of devices before their end of life contributes to a staggering amount of electronic waste. Currently over 50 million tonnes of devices are sent to landfill every year, and this number is expected to rise by 2050.

Renewable energy

Net-zero efforts will be halted if materials to create renewable energy technologies are depleted. For example, a 3MW wind turbine requires hundreds of kilos of rare earths to operate and 75% of the value of an electric car battery is in its minerals. 

The Techbuyer E-Guide to Refurbished IT

Check out our NEW E-Guide to access our ground-breaking research on the performance of refurbished IT and how the tech sector can play its own part in tackling climate change:

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Why Buy Refurbished?

Refurbished IT performs as well as new - we've got the research to prove it:

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Why 2nd hand is no longer 2nd best?

Learn the top three reasons why refurbished is chosen by many businesses globally.

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Socio-economic benefits of buying refurbished

Learn how the Green IT industry creates jobs and the negative impact of e-waste

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Performance, cost & availability of refurbished

Break the stereotypes of refurbished and learn how to maximise your IT budget

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What is the right to repair?

Read about the benefits of right to repair plus the latest updates on this movement

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Techbuyer Refurbished IT

Techbuyer’s quality refurbished IT equipment should be the first choice for your business, because:

Refurbished equipment is more sustainable
The supply of refurbished IT is secure
Refurbished IT performs as well as new
Refurbished hardware is more cost effective

Component upgrades

Upgrading equipment is a great way to extend product lifespan. Find out more further down the page.


CEDaCI case study

This CeDACI Case Study outlines the benefits of a circular economy in the data centre industry.

Case study

IEEE paper

Access our peer-reviewed research paper, "Optimizing server refresh cycles: The case for a circular economy with an aging Moore’s Law."

Access paper

Video presentation

Watch our presentation: "Why 2nd Hand is no Longer 2nd Best."

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Techbuyer Sustainability Report

Our priority is to extend the product lifecycle of IT equipment wherever possible, in order to reduce the amount of useful technology entering the planet’s waste stream.

Each year we commit to new and ongoing sustainability goals. You can read all about our latest targets in this year’s sustainability report. To find out more click the button below:

Sustainability Report

Our Green Credentials

We're prepared to back up our stance with our sustainable credentials. Techbuyer is a sustainable IT solutions provider with the circular economy at its core, and we're proud of the work we're doing, such as:

Circular Economy Business of the Year 2020 IEMA awards & Sustainable Organisation of the Year 2021 UK IT Industry Awards
We are involved in sustainability initiatives and bodies both locally and internationally
A culture of sustainability, evidenced by our employee-led Sustainability Committee
R2 certification for responsible recycling at product end-of-life
We've pledged to support 3 of the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development
We are already taking proactive steps towards Net Zero

Extending Product Lifespan with Component-level Upgrades

Looking to upgrade your equipment is a fantastic way to extend product lifespan and prevent valuable equipment from ending up in landfill! A great place to start is by upgrading the RAM within your server to boost speed and performance as well as to create a more productive device.

By using component-level upgrades, you could up to double the lifespan of your device! Browse our range of server memory upgrade bundles for Dell and HPE servers:

See how refurbished IT can increase your competitive edge

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